Apple is tracking employees going to offices, says journalist

the return of face-to-face work already Apple it’s been a real soap opera; after creating a gradual return schedule (which was postponed several times), the company defined, last September, that its employees return to work at the offices at least three times a week.

Now, the Cupertino giant is reportedly increasing vigilance over the enforcement of its policies by tracking badge registrations to ensure its employees are present on schedule.

According to information provided by journalist Zoë Schiffer, from Platformerthose who do not report to the offices properly may receive multiple alerts.

NEW: Apple is tracking employee attendance (via badge logs) and will give employees escalating alerts if they don’t show up 3 times a week.
ALSO: Elon Musk sent an email to Twitter employees at 2:30 am saying “office is not optional” and noting that SF was half empty yesterday.

While it’s not direct Apple policy, some organizations within the company say that failure to comply with these on-site work-related mandates could result in termination, according to Schiffer.

It is worth noting that, last week, the columnist for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, pointed out some of the changes that Apple has made to cut expenses. Among them, it was also highlighted that the company is being more rigorous in the application of working hours and the presence of employees in the offices.

via 9to5Mac

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