“Apple” mother is very worried about her daughter suffering from RSV after just recovering from Covid-19. The whole kitchen

Fighting with the children of “Apple”, the tormented one revealed that he had just recovered from Covid-19, raised the kitchen, the daughter of Hua Kaew Hua Waen. “Nong Juni-Nong Juna” is ill with RSV disease. She is very fortunate to have been born to take care of each other.

It can be said that the moment that tortures the heart of a mother like “Apple Sangian” The young protagonist’s beautiful wife “Fluke Jira Dan Bowonkiet” no less just going through the COVID-19 pandemic Jade kitchen style. must come and take care of and care for the two cherished daughters “Nong Juni-Nong Juna” Continued due to RSV disease among friends, mothers in the industry and fans who came to send their support in the morning.

“San” mourns “Ping Phimpaporn”, telling him to rest in peace

“Boss” does not stop people from criticizing his son’s name. not closely related Don’t have to think for my son

Ohhh, the fire is on fire! “Lydia”, hot, spicy, spicy, hot Before giving birth to the third child

which the latest Apple girl has revealed a picture of “Juna” The youngest daughter went to the hospital to throw her grandmother on her personal Instagram. Along with writing a long spell that says… “Juna, don’t be afraid of anything. Mother will take care of the child We’ll get through this together, sweetheart. Mother’s heart. Juna is RSV. When she sprayed it was. Mother sings, son sings together Most tormented by mother

We are so lucky that we were born to meet and take care of each other. Mother’s Juni Juna We have just recovered from covids. We have raised the kitchen for about 3 weeks. Continue to RSV. Parents are still okay but afraid of the kids. Keep fighting, my dear son. Yes, the whole family got infected with covid 3 weeks ago. Nanny, housewife, all done, but it’s gone. Until I can get through It’s very difficult.

And today, after coming back from the hospital, seeing the news of the shooting of children, I can honestly say that my heart really can’t take it. Turning to see our children and feeling sorry for parents, families, brothers and sisters from the heart. RIP. May we all get through this bad time. Sending strength to mothers and fathers.”

And later, the mother of two children revealed the picture. “Junie” The eldest daughter in her father’s embrace as she sprayed the pills at home on Instagram. Along with writing an update caption that… “Come on. Junie sprays comfortably at home. It’s very good. Smile and watch TV. Spray. It’s much better than going to the hospital. I’m not very afraid for mothers who don’t have a sprayer yet. Buy it if you can. Ple bought a machine for 1,900 baht (at the hospital, sold for 5,000). Personally, I don’t know if the device is different or not. but this machine from It’s okay, and when I use it, I feel strong and the pills run out too quickly. Personally, whatever medication the hospital gave us. The drug is not purchased by itself. I only buy the sprayer myself. It’s worth more. There is a cone ready to use. And personally, I feel that the cone of this brand fits very well in front of the child. They have funnels for children and adults, easy to use, but I feel that the disadvantage is the noise (for a while) and the cone has a large hole (presumably to allow air to breathe) may need to be closed and opened by hand. a little so as not to disappear too quickly.

First time RSV, right and wrong together. Fighting. Junie is much better now. Juna is still not getting better. Spray the medicine in the morning and evening. To be honest, it’s a lot heavier than covids. Keep going. Many mothers are probably facing problems. Let’s find a machine. Very easy to use, they have video tutorials. Buy it and use it. The one that Apple bought is in the next picture. #NoSponsor #Feel good to tell you #Mom must fight #I want everyone to get the best and most worthwhile thing.”

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