For many families, the PlayStation is more than just a console. multimedia center, watch movies in real format, access streaming video platforms, or listen to your favorite music via Spotify.

For those of you who use Apple Music and also have a PlayStation 5, you will soon be able to use the console enjoy your favorite music If you see the captures posted by users on Reddit, they were captured when you set up your new console.

When I tried to set up my Apple Music account, I got the following error message:

This application can only run on PS4.

An employee at Eurogames has confirmed that when setting up a new user account on PlayStation, the possibility of choosing Apple Music as their streaming music platform appears. only in the US And like any Reddit user, he didn’t have access.

today Apple did not comment on this issueIt’s similar to Sony, but the release of Apple Music on the PlayStation 5 is most likely the result of the two companies joining forces to give Apple TV+ a few months for free a few months ago.

Considering that Apple TV+ and Sony are collaborating on series and movie productions, Apple Music it took too long Available on new Sony consoles.

Apple Music is currently unavailable. On the new Microsoft console, Series X and SHowever, it is only a matter of time before it even gets to this platform. The release announcement is also likely to come with Sony’s consoles.

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