Apple Sainte-Catherine (in Canada) should change location

2024-04-19 00:00:00

A Apple would be preparing a change of location for its store Saint-Catherine (in Montreal, Canada), according to information published today by the Canadian newspaper The Press.

According to the publication, the change will not be so drastic, as the Apple Store will only move “a few dozen meters” to the east — leaving from number I321 to I255 on the street of the same name.

The three-story, century-old building, present at the new address, would be the subject of a major restoration project, while the space where the store is currently located would even be available on a real estate rental website.

Work on the new building would be carried out by SAJO, a company that has been building establishments for Apple in North America for almost 20 years — according to a description on its official website.

A furniture broker interviewed by the newspaper guaranteed the change, stating that it is the result of a general renewal in the region — which should have new stores and establishments in the near future.

If the move is confirmed, it will be the first time that Apple will build its store in a historic building in Canada. The building where the store is currently located, opened in 2008, was built especially to become an Apple Store.

Neither Apple nor SAJO responded to the newspaper’s requests for comment.

via MacRumors

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