Apple sees Vision Pro being used in surgeries, plane repairs and more

2024-01-19 12:52:56

Today is the day that the pre-sale of Apple Vision Pro it will finally begin; The augmented/virtual reality headset will only hit stores on February 2nd. Along with this, Maçã is already thinking about more uses for the device beyond those already being discussed by the device’s marketing team.

The matter was addressed in a video sent to employees by two company executives: Mike Rockwellvice president dedicated to Vision Pro, and Alan Dyevice president of human interface design at Maçã. As highlighted by Bloombergthey discussed the development of the device as well as areas of potential growth for the product.

When asked about possible new uses for Vision Pro, Rockwell cited healthcare, training and education as key areas. Surgeons, for example, could use the headset during procedures to view important information in a more organized way than on external screens, as is the case today, even increasing results for patients.

Aircraft technicians and mechanics would be another group that could take advantage of the device, being able to use the Vision Pro to obtain high-quality training in ways that were not possible before. Rockwell also mentioned that he is very excited about what they will be able to do in terms of learning and education, as it is a “superpower” of the headset.

Two of the executive’s subordinates — one of whom was already on the “Apple Car” team — are already exploring new applications for the Vision Pro, such as corporate and educational uses. Something interesting mentioned by Rockwell is the idea that the headset was thought of as “a tool, not a toy”, in order to be something aimed at high-level productivity and entertainment.

The success of the new platform will also depend on the availability of applications on visionOS. A Netflixo YouTube and the Spotify, for example, will not offer apps for the device, at least initially. This shows Apple’s challenges for Vision Pro to consolidate itself in the market and be more attractive to users.

Employee discount

In a memo sent to employees this week, Apple said they will receive a discount of 25% to buy the Vision Pro, bringing the price down to around US$2.600. The offer is lower than the 50% offered with the launch of HomePod It’s from Apple Watchalthough the price is much higher in the case of the headset.

Furthermore, employees usually receive a bonus of US$500 to spend on Macs every three years and can use it to purchase a Vision Pro. The company will also reimburse expenses for prescription lenses, necessary to use the product, if the user wears prescription glasses or contact lenses.

Offering this discount could be a sign that stocks are not as tight compared to the expected demand for the device. Sales will only start in the United States — although Apple is already planning expansion to other countries, according to the Bloomberg — and company executives are predicting a strong start to Vision Pro sales.

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