Apple unveils macOS Monterey with powerful features to help you get things done. have more success

Monterey Add a new way to stay in touch with friends and family, work smarter to switch between devices. and focus fully on what you are doing

Apple preview macOS Monterey It’s the latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, and macOS Monterey comes with a whole new way. Let users connect with friends get more done and switch between Apple devices more smoothly, starting with SharePlay.

which is a new feature in FaceTime that allows users to share experiences together; and Shared with You that allows users to discover and enjoy the content shared throughappmessages easily from app Photos, Safari, Apple Podcasts, Apple News, and Apple TV directly. Major updates to Safari include improved visualizations to the tab rows, along with Tab Groups to help you organize your tabs more efficiently.

The Shortcuts app also comes to the Mac for users to do more. in daily life automatically The Focus feature helps users stay focused and reduce distraction. Macs also feature new Continuity features, including Universal Control and AirPlay to Mac, that let users switch between Apple devices. macOS Monterey supports the widest range of Macs in history, including the latest iMac, MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, including Apple’s Macs with Intel processors.

macOS Monterey Packed with features to help Mac users get more done. Keep in touch with friends and family in new great ways. And work from both Mac and iPad is smoother than ever,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. Safari, share experiences together using SharePlay in FaceTime, and share Macs with other Apple devices in new ways with Universal Control and AirPlay to Mac.”

Get more done with your Mac. New tools in macOS Monterey are designed to help users get more done. Can focus on what you can do to the fullest. and can work together

Safari is already the fastest browser in the world. And now it has transformed the browsing experience with a new design website bar. This allows users to see more information on web pages while browsing. The new web page bar rows are the same color as the web page. and include a website bar toolbar and search boxes in one place in a compact design. Tab Groups are a new way to save and manage tabs. easily It’s perfect for planning trips, shopping, or keeping tabs on daily viewed web sites. Tab Groups also sync across Mac, iPhone, and iPad, so users can continue their projects from anywhere or on the go. Share those web tabs with your friends. and family

The Shortcuts app is now on your Mac. Ready to help users do things in everyday life automatically with maximum efficiency The Shortcuts app on Mac helps users get things done. quickly with frequently used apps Just like on iPhone and iPad, and with loads of ready-made actions specifically designed for the Mac, users can instantly share files, make animated GIFs, and more. At a higher level, the shortcut editor on Mac can be used to customize shortcuts to their own workflow. The Shortcuts app is also integrated with every aspect of macOS, including the menu bar, Finder, Spotlight, and hands-free Siri functionality, making it easy to run shortcuts in any app. And users can also easily import Automator workflows into the Shortcuts app. and use immediately

new features In the Notes app helps users stay organized. and can work together and create notes wherever they are. Quick Note is a new way for users to take notes across apps or websites. Makes it easy to write down ideas and ideas when inspiration strikes. And users can also add links from apps to Quick Note to create context. Even if it’s on a website in Safari or in the Maps app. As a user completes a project in the Notes app with friends or colleagues. Each person can add mentions. See everyone’s edits in the “Activity” view and categorize notes with tags for quick and easy search in the Tag Browser and Smart Folders grouped by tags.

The “Focus” feature allows Mac users. Stay focused on what you’re doing by filtering out notifications that aren’t related to your current activity. Users can tell other people that they are active and busy. When the user has set focus on one device It will automatically affect other devices and can be customized according to the activity you are doing at the moment. Whether it’s preparing for a presentation or doing homework at school.


New ways to connect with others macOS Monterey provides great new ways to stay in touch and have fun with friends, family, and colleagues.

FaceTime now includes a new set of audio and video features that make calling more natural and vibrant. With location-based audio that makes the audio in FaceTime calls sound like it’s actually from where the person is on the screen, and Voice Isolation makes the user’s voice sound clearer. It also uses machine learning to cancel out background noise, and Wide Spectrum transmits every sound in the area for the participants to hear. Portrait mode takes advantage of the Apple Neural Engine in the M1 chip to blur the user’s background. It creates stunning video effects. The new grid view section shows participants in a frame of the same size.

SharePlay is a powerful set of system features that allow users to share experiences together during FaceTime calls. Users can share their favorite music, TV shows, movies, projects, and more with friends and family in real time. Whether organizing a party, listening to music together Watch movies and shows or collaborate in apps through screen sharing, and more. And there are also built-in APIs for third-party developers to easily implement. and bring your own app into FaceTime.

Shared with You Let users easily find and enjoy all the great content shared via Messages app. This includes photos, videos, articles, and more from the Shared with You tab within the Photos app, Safari, Apple Podcasts, Apple News, and Apple TV.


A new way to work between Apple devices. Using the following new Continuity features, users can now switch between Apple devices better than ever.

Universal Control Let users work with a single mouse and keyboard. and move seamlessly between Mac and iPad without any setup. where users can drag and drop content between devices This is great for sketching with Apple Pencil on iPad and dragging and dropping into Keynote slides on Mac.


Universal Control

when using AirPlay to Mac Users can play, present and share almost anything. From the latest movies, games to photos inholidayand presentations straight from their iPhone or iPad to the beautiful Retina display of their Mac. High-quality audio on the Mac can also be used as an AirPlay speaker, so users can play music or podcasts on their Mac, or use their Mac as a speaker. Secondary unit for multi-room audio playback


Other new macOS Monterey features

Users will experience new ways. To explore the natural beauty of the world through the interactive world feature inmap app with stunning, detailed city views on your Mac’s large, stunning screen.

Live Text Use on-device machine learning to detect text in images such as phone numbers, websites, addresses, and package tracking numbers. Users can then copy and paste those messages. And it’s easy to make phone calls, open websites, and find more information. Visual Lookup also uses machine learning to help users find and learn about the animals, art, landmarks, plants, and more in images. It works across all macOS, including apps. like Photos, Messages, and Safari apps.


Live Text และ Visual Lookup

iCloud+ It has everything users love about iCloud, plus new premium features like Hide My Email, more comprehensive HomeKit Secure Video support. and a groundbreaking new Internet privacy service called iCloud Private Relay at no additional cost.1



AirPods Pro and AirPods Max deliver a cinematic experience too.Location based sound systemOn a Mac with an M1 chip

propertysafetyFor example, the privacy protection in Mail lets users choose whether their emails store information about what they do in the Mail app. And now there’s a recording indicator on your Mac that tells you which app is using your Mac’s microphone.

propertyaccessibilityNew lets anyone add alternative captions directly while marking, and features improved Full Keyboard Access with new cursor customization options that increase flexibility while working around the Mac.


Explore the world with your Mac’s Retina display, more beautiful and richer than ever.

Apple developers can access the developer beta version of macOS Monterey at Starting today, and Mac users will be able to access the public beta next month. macOS Monterey will be available later this year as a free software update. For more information, including compatible Mac models, visit Features are subject to change. Some features may not be available in all regions or all languages.


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