Apple Watch Ultra released detailed specifications + Hong Kong price + release date

It has been rumored that the Apple Watch will have a Pro version for professional athletes, and finally it did appear at the press conference, but it is called Apple Watch Ultra, and many new designs have been added to meet special needs.

Titanium case + “Action” button

The Apple Watch Ultra is already different from other Apple Watches in appearance. It is made of titanium material with a flat sapphire surface, which greatly improves durability. In addition, a new “action” button has been added to the left watch body, allowing users to move faster on the watch. operate. The screen brightness is also increased to 2,000 nits, which is 2 times brighter than other Apple Watches.

The radio microphone has also been strengthened. The Apple Watch Ultra is equipped with 3 built-in radio microphones, which cooperate with the machine learning noise reduction algorithm to facilitate maintaining high sound quality in extreme situations. Since diving is also one of the key extreme sports mentioned, Apple Watch Ultra’s waterproof rating has been upgraded to WR100, and it has obtained EN13319 diving equipment certification, which can dive as low as 40 meters, and its durability has also reached the MIL-STD-810H military off-road standard.

Sports assistance function has been comprehensively improved

Since Apple Watch Ultra is designed for professional athletes, its sports assistance functions have also improved a lot, including precise GPS positioning for endurance sports and a richer compass display, which can display 6 sports indicators at the same time, and the battery life has also been improved to 36 hours for continuous recording during long-distance sports.

The compass has also added a “waypoint” function, which is convenient for recording important positions, and even backtracking the route traveled before, and you can easily turn back along the road. In case of an accident, it can also send out a sound of up to 86 decibels for help, which is quite practical for long-distance mountaineering exploration.

Three special field straps

Apple Watch Ultra is available for order now and will be available for sale on September 23. The price is HK$6,399. There is only one color of light gold, but there are three choices of straps, which are quite thoughtful to meet different sports needs.

Among them, the off-road bracelet is designed with Velcro fabric, which is convenient and quick to adjust the tightness and keep fit. The Dengfeng bracelet uses a continuous weave design and is fixed with a titanium G-shaped clasp to improve durability. The final marine strap is made of rubber material, and even a special long strap option is added, which can be worn even in a wetsuit.

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