Apple’s high price since listing, market capitalization surpasses 275 trillion yen-significant rise since March 9-Bloomberg

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In the US stock market on the 30th, Apple’s stock price has risen sharply since March 9, with the closing price rising 3% to $ 153.12, the highest since the listing. As a result, the company’s market capitalization has exceeded 2.5 trillion dollars (about 275 trillion yen).

Apple temporarily rose 3.3% to $ 153.49, a new high since its listing during trading hours.The company is a classical music distribution servicePrime phonicInvestors are hoping for the September release of new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch watches.

The rate of increase in Apple stocks on this day was the third largest among the constituent stocks of the S & P 500 stock index, and contributed to the 12th S & P index renewal in August. Other major tech stocks also rose 1.3% at Microsoft and 2.2% at

原題:Apple Hits All-Time High as Market Value Surpasses $2.5 Trillion、Apple Starts Week With Market Cap Above $2.5 Trillion: Chart(抜粋)


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