Apple’s new patent for foldable phone that repairs creases reveals ‘self-healing’ material – Hong Kong

Foldable smartphones are becoming more and more popular in the market, and many manufacturers are expecting a share of the foldable mobile phone field. Apple recently released a new patent titled “Electronic Device with Flexible Display Screen Overlay” , attracting many fruit fans to look forward to.

According to Apple’s new patent, a hinged electronic device can be bent about a bending axis, and the display screen spans the bending axis. In order to alleviate the location of dents, scratches or defects in the display screen cover layer, the display screen is covered with a layer of “self-healing” material. This layer of material contains a layer of elastic material that can stretch and return to its original shape, like the memory material in some mattresses.

Earlier, the launch of the iPhone 14 series brought considerable repercussions to the market. Dynamic islands, body colors, and bangs were the focus of public discussion. I believe that Apple’s launch of foldable mobile phones will definitely resonate with the industry.


Image Source:techgoing

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