Apply for Sule’s ex-wife? Fariz Kneels Gives Nathalie Holscher the Ring

After divorcing the comedian Sule, Nathalie Holscher was rumored to be close to several men. However, only one man managed to win the heart of the lonely Nathalie Holscher after his divorce from Sule.

Fariz is known to be a man who has a special relationship with Nathalie Holsher. Fariz himself was Nathalie Holscher’s ex-boyfriend and first love before marrying Sule.

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Fariz recently gave a surprise for Nathalie Holscher’s 30th birthday. This surprise was not an ordinary birthday celebration for Sule’s ex-wife.

Because, Nathalie Holscher got a ring as a gift from her lover. Is it true that Fariz knelt to give a ring to propose to Sule’s ex-wife?

The comment column for uploading video footage when Fariz kneels and gives him a ring is said to be the moment of the proposal.

“What’s the answer, bun? We’re curious,” netizen comments quoted Yoursayid from the Instagram account @nathalieholscher.

“Always happy, hopefully it will be halal soon,” another said.

“Gas immediately married,” other netizens’ responses.

The many speculations circulating that her lover Frans proposed her on her birthday made Nathalie Holscher speak up.

This mother of one child denies the proposal made by Fariz to her. He explained that the ring from Fariz was not to propose.

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The ring is a birthday gift from Fariz for his 30th birthday.

“No, it’s just a gift,” denied Nathalie Holscher, quoted by from the TRANS TV Official YouTube channel, Saturday (17/12/2022).

However, Nathalie admitted that she was happy to get a ring as a gift from her lover. He muttered if he could fill his finger again with jewelry.

“Thank God, my hands are filled again,” said Nathalie happily.

Nathalie’s explanation indicated that she was not going to end her widow status. Nathalie Holscher, at the age of 30, hopes to become a better person.

He also prayed that all his affairs and fortune would be eased.

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