ARD interview with Jogi Löw causes excitement

Enough. Out. Past. Jogi Löw played his last game as German national coach, which was synonymous with the end of the European Championship. Then there was a curious interview.

That it is not easy to find one National coach after an EM-Out (0: 2 against England) to ask about the game, and it was also his last for Germany was, is clear. What should – in that case Jogi Löw – are you already answering big? That he’s disappointed? No wonder. How he feels The question is probably also easily answered.

Group game against Portugal: Jessy Wellmer and Bastian Schweinsteiger interview national coach Jogi Löw (from left). (Source: Sven Simon / imago images)

That ARD presenter Jessy Wellmer and world champion Bastian Schweinsteiger then obviously had a hard time interviewing Jogi Löw after the game against England, it quickly became clear. Wellmer already seems unsure about the first question, something comes to a standstill: “An era is coming to an end, 15 years as a national coach. How do you get hold of this feeling for yourself?” Löw’s answer: “First of all, you have to say that it is a big disappointment for all of us. We had hoped for more. We had faith in the team. In games like this you have to use the few chances consistently, unfortunately we don’t have any goals We’re sorry we’re out of this tournament. “

After Jessy Wellmer then wants to know whether you can blame someone, precisely because of the missed opportunities, a question follows that causes a lot of excitement in the social networks.

Wellmer: “How do you say: All’s well that ends well? Or that all ends well, not all well?” Löw seems a bit confused, he would have liked to just leave. As he had done in all the 15 years of national coaching, he gave an answer: “Of course we would have hoped for something else in this tournament. Talking about everything immediately after the game is difficult. The disappointment outweighs of course already. ” Then Bastian Schweinsteiger takes over for a short time with a hymn of praise, which elicits a simple “Thank you, Basti” from Jogi Löw.

And then comes a question that also leaves the viewer wondering. Wellmer asks Löw: “Do you regret something?” What felt like an eternity later, the viewer sticks to Löw’s lips – in the end it was only a two-second break – the national coach replies: “What?” Wellmer: “Any pre-game, in-game, past decision?” Löw shakes his head a little, shrugs his right shoulder, rolls his eyes slightly, takes a breath before saying: “Everyone makes mistakes, mistakes are always made. When I go to a tournament, I can say on the first day too that I will make mistakes, like everyone else. A coach always prepares to the best of his knowledge and belief and of course also according to what he sees in training. So … In retrospect, you wonder if you should have done something different can, but that would be difficult to name at the moment. “

Löw then talks about the future of the National team, saying goodbye to the players and the team, wrestles another farewell smile, plucks the plug out of his ear and leaves.


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