Are the future Macbook Air M3s worth it while the M1 models can still be found under 1000 euros?

2023-08-17 03:20:04

The end of 2020 was marked by the sensational arrival of Apple’s ARM Macbooks, which completely revolutionized and disrupted the laptop market in many significant ways.

Apple’s Macbook M1 and M2 rank among the most impressive and capable laptops available today, a fact that is hard to dispute. Their strength lies in almost all aspects, with the exception of gaming and limited connectivity for Air models.

Their astounding efficiency, undeniable power and long battery life allow for virtually uninterrupted work over two days.

Flawless build quality, premium trackpad, class-leading keyboard, brilliant 16:10 display, and unrivaled speakers deliver a fusion of specs and computing performance that has set sales records.

One could argue that Apple doesn’t really have any competition right now, with no other company ticking so many criteria or meeting so many requirements.

However, it’s worth noting that Apple, with its headquarters in Cupertino, had created a product so “irresistible” that it exceeded its own predictions.

The Apple M1 was extraordinarily good

Demand for Macs plummeted so much that Apple eventually decided to suspend production of its M2 SoC line, a first given the general popularity of Apple products.

The M2 was above all an intermediate solution. It was not designed to offer a major evolution over the M1, a reality accepted by critics, industry experts and, it seems, the customers themselves.

With an ongoing global recession, extravagant spending is no longer an option for much of the population.

And, honestly, the marginal improvement Apple’s M2 range offers over its predecessor means most people don’t necessarily need to upgrade.

With Macbook Air M1

As we said, the recession is over, while Apple intends to continue to increase the prices of its products. The Macbook Air M3 should therefore replace the M2 by only bringing change to this SoC part. Will we see a price increase again?

Even the Macbook Air with the M1 – which is by the way the most convincing laptop under 1000 euros that one can find at this price on – is still powerful enough to handle any task you want to throw at it. We continue to display it in our comparison of the best laptop (even if we agree, it is not a “pc” under windows).

It is very likely that the latter will disappear in the end, leaving definitively room for models with the new design. We should then see a drop in price for the M2 model, but again, on the Air range, the switch from an M2 to an M3 arises. We had been able to observe leaks on benchmarks supposed to be the SoC M3, apart from the results, we know that the energy consumption should be lower, in particular thanks to TSMC’s 3nm engraving.

It only remains to see if Apple’s future SoC will make it possible to advance a little more in its strategy to develop the gaming and 3D part, it is here that there may be a possibility of maneuvering on the part. graphic core, which improves from generation to generation.

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