Argentina rises to 2nd place in the Fifa ranking after winning the World Cup, how was the complete list?

Argentina, world champion in Qatarrose to second position in the ranking Fifa behind Brazilwhich remains first, and ahead of France, finalist, who completes the podium, according to the official classification published on Thursday by the international federation.

La Albiceleste, third before the tournament in Qatar, and Les Bleus, who were off the podium, overtake Belgium, eliminated in the group stage. Brazil, which fell in the quarterfinals, manages to maintain the first position, which it has held since March 31.

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The first three classified are in a margin of 20 points and increase the distance with the Belgians, now fourth.

The script for the final, won on penalties by Argentina (3-3 after extra time, 4-2 after penalties), was not favorable to either of the two finalists: if one of them had prevailed before the end of extra time , would have achieved the leadership of the classification, since Fifa awards more points to the winner before penalties.

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The greatest comeback within the world Top 10 is led by Croatia, which goes from 12th to 7th place thanks to its third place in Qatar. The surprise of the tournament, Morocco, gains eleven positions and remains at the gates of the Top 10, in 11th position, as the best ranked African nation.

The other side of the coin is Denmark, defeated by Australia in the group stage, loses eight positions and falls to 18th positionbiggest drop in the Top 20.

Sometimes criticized for its method of calculation, the Fifa classification is used to define the seeding in major competitions. Germany, 12th before the draw for the World Cup in Qatar, fell for example in pot 2 and could not avoid Spain in the group stage.

Top 10 of the Fifa ranking in December 2022:

1. Brazil 1840.77 points

2. Argentina 1838,38

3. France 1823.39

4. Belgium 1781.30

5. England 1774.19

6. Netherlands 1740.92

7. Croatia 1727.62

8. Italia 1723,56

9. Portugal 1702,54

10. Spain 1692.71

11. Morocco – 1672.35

12. Switzerland – 1655.02

13. United States – 1652.74

14. Germany – 1646.91

15. Mexico- 1635.78

16. Uruguay – 1627.45

17. Colombia – 1612.78

18. Denmark – 1608.11

19. Senegal – 1603.98

20. Japan – 1593.08

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