Argentine mobile game is all the rage in the world: it has already achieved more than 1.5 million downloads

In Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Mexico and Colombia, for example, a few weeks after its launch, this video game reached first place in the trivia category on iOS, as well as games racing. In turn, it remains in the top 3 of games and in the top 15 of most used applications in Argentina and Spain.

The The trend is similar in Android, where Trivia Cars leads trivia in Spain, and remains in the top 5 trivia in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, the United States, Brazil and Colombia, and in the top 20 games in Spain.

In the game, participants will put into action the knowledge about general culture of adults and young people in real time. At the start of the game, the pilot is matched in a race of 10 real competitors who receive questions on different topics based on the six classic categories of Asked: Art, Science, Geography, History, Entertainment and Sports.

He goal is to correctly answer random questions until you are the only one on the track. Incorrect answers put the vehicle out of the competition.


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