Arlette Rujel is crowned as Queen of Latin America 2023: Miss Peru won against Miss Venezuela | NTB | show business

Arlette Rujel brings the crown to Peru at the Reina Hispanoamericana. Photo: LR composition / YouTube capture

Arlette Rujel was consecrated as queen of Latin America 2023, this Saturday, March 25, after an impressive catwalk in front of other countries. The model exuded elegance and glamor in front of her opponents and won the praise of the presenters in the final stage. Miss Peru and Miss Venezuela were in the final stretch and were obviously very excited, but it was Rujel, 23, who brought another crown for our country.

After being among the young women selected in the preliminary phase, Arlette Rujel prepared herself, gave her all to continue in the final gala of Miss Hispano-America and, finally, she succeeded in such a way that she generated one more joy among her followers.

Who is Arlette Rujel?

The model Arlette Rujel has previously participated in other beauty pageants. She was born in Callao, she was in the top 5 of Miss Peru 2022. That year she appeared on “This is war” to officially introduce herself as a candidate and talk about her experience in this field.

There it was learned that she worked as a table teacher and social etiquette. On Instagram, she also describes herself like this. She too, she was a trainer at the Marina Mora modeling school. She has a clothing business called Egalité.

Arlette Rujel works as a table teacher and etiquette. Photo: Arlette Rujel/Instagram.

Arlette Rujel’s message after winning Miss Latin America 2023

The 22-year-old model was established as the winner of Miss Hispanoamerica 2023 and celebrated it on their social networks. “We did it PERU! Here you have your first @rhispanaoficial. For dreams there are no limits,” she posted on Instagram. She thanked Jessica Newton and the Miss Peru organization for the opportunity.

Arlette Rujel celebrates having won Miss Latin America 2023. Photo: capture/Instagram

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