Army analyst detained for allegedly passing US defense information to China

A statement issued by the Department of Justice indicates that Sergeant Korbein Schultz, who had a clearance to work with classified information, was detained at the Fort Campbell military base on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Mr. Schultz’s indictment does not name the country to which he is alleged to have provided secret military information. However, media reports mention China.

The indictment alleges that beginning in June 2022, he provided documents, maps and photographs related to US national defense to a contact in Hong Kong.

It is announced that K. Schultz received 42 thousand for the transfer of this information. US dollars (38.4 thousand euros).

According to the Justice Department, the information included possible US plans in the event that Taiwan was attacked.

It also covers information related to fighter jets and helicopters, hypersonic equipment, the High Mobility Artillery Missile System (HIMARS) and research on the US and Chinese militaries.

On Friday, when asked about the arrest of Schultz and a Chinese software engineer earlier this week suspected of stealing artificial intelligence technology from the US technology company Google, Beijing said that China was not aware of the specific circumstances of the cases.

However, spokeswoman Mao Ning, referring to the Google case, said that “China always attaches great importance to intellectual property rights and actively protects them.”

“We also do not approve of the United States abusing its national power to unreasonably suppress Chinese companies and Chinese citizens,” he said.

The charges against Schultz come shortly after two US Navy sailors were arrested in California on suspicion of spying for China.

In January, officer Wenheng Zhao was sentenced to more than two years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring with a foreign intelligence official and accepting bribes.

He and another US sailor, Jinchao Wei, were detained in August last year.

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2024-04-16 04:31:08

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