Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon, two former socialists on availability

Engaging Montebourg

L’Engagement (Grasset) lingers on the failed five-year term, according to Montebourg, of François Hollande. His book relates his ministerial experience and is also intended to be a vade-mecum so as not to reproduce the same errors. He confirms in the media that he is considering a “New commitment. “ But not necessarily within the PS, to which he returned his card.

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Food route

Since the last presidential election, he has been converted into a business leader by marketing made in France brands of honey, ice cream and almonds. So far, his rare appearances have consisted in criticizing the government’s management of the Covid-19 crisis and denouncing collusion in the battle between Veolia and Suez.

The fatal cuvée

Hollande is not resentful. In 2012, he inducted Montebourg into the Ayrault government, in the ministry of productive recovery. Five years earlier, Montebourg, spokesperson for the presidential candidate, Ségolène Royal, had this sentence on Canal +: “She has only one flaw. It is his companion. “ In 2014, he was dismissed from the government after the Frangy episode.

A “lion” of the PS

At 58, he was a lawyer, an activist on the left of the PS, and an active MP who participated in a commission of inquiry into the commercial courts and an anti-money laundering mission against tax havens. In 2007, re-elected MP, he had self-qualified as “Young lion” PS to better stand out “Bygone elephants”.

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Hamon returned from everything

In What it takes courage (Éditions des Ecateurs), Benoît Hamon pleads for universal income, a theme that was at the center of his program in 2017. But, for 2022, he seems more inclined to try to rally the left around Christiane Taubira than to retry personally his luck.

Anti-Depression Voice

After the citizen primary, he was the PS candidate for the presidential election. With a historically low score: 6.4%. He left the party in the process, to found Génération.s. New movement, new gadget: it brings together 3.3% in the Europeans of 2019. Since then, he launched “What if”, a monthly podcast “100% anti-depressive which offers you solutions and always positive paths”.

The fatal cuvée

In the summer of 2014, then Minister of Education, he left the Valls government, along with two other “rebels”, Arnaud Montebourg and Aurélie Filippetti. The reason: the Rose Festival in Frangy-en-Bresse, during which Hamon and Montebourg send President François Hollande a “Recovery cuvée” and plead for a less liberal political line.

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