Arnold Schwarzenegger and Son Joseph Baena: A Compelling Father-Son Relationship Unveiled

2023-10-03 14:44:00

“It’s great between us”

“At first, I didn’t know it was my son, but the older he got, the clearer it became to me. How could I keep this quiet? How could I keep this a secret?” the actor confided in the Netflix documentary dedicated to him. At 26 years old, Joseph Baena indeed cultivates a blatant resemblance to his famous father. The young man, actor and DJ in his spare time, recently displayed his Olympic form during a triathlon in Miami. The opportunity to show off his impressive physique.

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Today, father and son are close and complicit despite the events. “It’s really great between us. I’m so close to my father and we joke about everything together. (…) He always wants to hear the latest gossip. He says to me: ‘Come on, tell me everything, tell me what’s going on, tell me about the girls'”, declared Joseph Baena in January 2022 during a podcast hosted by Sylvester Stallone’s daughters.

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