Arrest the subject of possession of 1,000 ecstasy pills

Police caught Nguyen in possession of 1,000 synthetic drugs (ecstasy) weighing 424.22g.

The police investigating drug-related crimes (Hai Phong City Police) have coordinated with the drug crime prevention and control force and the Coast Guard Region 1 Command to arrest Hoang Dinh Nguyen (SN 1984, residing in Cho Hang). , Du Hang Kenh, Le Chan, Hai Phong) have the act of storing, buying and selling 1,000 ecstasy pills.

Previously, at 5:50 pm on January 3, in the area in front of house number 12/440 Cho Hang (Du Hang Kenh ward, Le Chan district), functional forces discovered and caught Hoang Dinh Nguyen in the act. drug trading.

The seized exhibits include 1,000 synthetic drug tablets (ecstasy) weighing 424.22g, 2 mobile phones, motorbikes and a number of other objects and documents.

According to the authorities, Hoang Dinh Nguyen is the subject of three previous convictions for robbery, illegal possession of drugs and public disorder.

The case is still under investigation

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