Arrests Made in Illegal Medical Practice Case in San Salvador de Jujuy: Venezuelan, Argentine, and Cuban Individuals Involved

2023-09-21 14:02:04

Two women and a man were arrested for illegal practice of medicine, in a police procedure carried out in the Chijra neighborhood of San Salvador de Jujuy, where they seized cash, a patient record, cell phones and other objects, the Ministry reported today. Public Prosecution (MPA).

The detainees are a Venezuelan woman, an Argentine woman and a Cuban who were carrying out ophthalmological studies without possessing qualifying degrees, the MPA indicated.

The procedure was carried out yesterday at the Gaucho Tradition Center located on La Tusca Street in the Chijra neighborhood, in the capital of Jujuy, where those involved were carrying out “an ophthalmological care operation.”

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Personnel from the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council, together with the fiscal assistant, assisted by the Complex Crimes Agency, verified that there were “numerous people waiting their turn to be treated” at the scene.

In addition, “on one table there were lenses and frames for display and on another there was a machine, while in a room a woman was providing ophthalmological care to a man.”

Upon further investigation, it was established that “the three people reside in the province of Buenos Aires and were temporarily in Jujuy for the sole purpose of carrying out ophthalmological studies,” the MPA detailed.

Furthermore, when they were asked to approve frames in relation to lenses, they said that “they do not have anything issued by the National Administration of Medicines, Foods and Medical Technology (Anmat).”

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The prosecutor in the case Diego Funes ordered the seizure of all the elements and requested that criminal action be promoted against the three people arrested for illegal practice of medicine.

Police personnel seized an autorefractor at the scene, a briefcase with trial lenses and frames, a visual acuity optotype projector, a bag with 90 sample glasses, a patient record book, 13 receipts with orders, advance money, 73,000 pesos and three cell phones.

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