Arruda announcement: restaurant owners are furious

The words of the national director of public health about the closing of restaurants had the effect of a bomb.

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The national director of public health announced on Wednesday that he had not recommended the closure of restaurants and museums in the red zone. Despite this, the Legault government still decided to do it.

It did not take more for the restaurateurs, already furious for several months, explode.

“When I heard that, I jumped in the air. I thought of the 10,000 restaurants that went bankrupt in Canada. It’s awful, ”exclaimed Éric Luksenberg, owner of two restaurants in Old Montreal,“ Chez Éric ”and“ Le Homard Fou ”.

In an interview with the Denis Levesque program, the restaurateur cannot understand the decision of the Premier of Quebec.

“Why close, if there is no problem, if there are no sick people and in addition public health tells you that there is no problem? Explain me!”

Mr. Luksenberg adds that many restaurants are at their wit’s end. The latter explained that, despite the government’s promises of subsidies, many did not receive the slightest penny.

“We are not happy! Legault announced that there was no need to worry, that they were going to give us the rents and pay us everything. It is almost December 15th and we still haven’t touched anything, ”he lamented.

The government justified the closure of restaurants by explaining that it was practically impossible for customers to respect social distancing measures in these establishments. Luksenberg strongly disagrees with this.

“This is not true. We took the phones at the entrance to the restaurant. I am 66 years old and I have not seen anyone leave my restaurant sick. The restaurateurs in the orange zones are careful and do their job. Why would we in the red zone not be able to do the job? He crushed all the restaurateurs. We’re all dead. It’s horrible!”

“When you line up for your pizza at Costco for your pizza, what do you do. Did they ask for your phone number? No. It is double standards. They took a beating on restaurants, I don’t know why, ”added the owner.

By relying on the restaurant owner’s words, the restaurants in the red zone are ready to do anything to reopen as quickly as possible.

“If we have to, we’ll wash our feet. No problem! But let them not say that we are not going to follow the rules. Who are we? ”

“We want to work, there will be no sick people with us,” Eric Luksenberg said.


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