Asia Champions League 23/24 | Al Nassr-Al Feiha: Summary, result and goals – Round of 16 (second leg) – Today

With a great festive atmosphere at the KSU Stadium and fans driving their team, with continuous chants towards their leader Cristiano Ronaldo, Al Nassr did not give any opportunities, much superior to Al Feiha who barely finished on one occasion, none on goal, with a scant 28% possession.

The result fell short of the superiority of Al Nassr, who had already won 0-1 in the first leg, and at 17 minutes the tie was sealed with a great header from Otávio. He looked well behind Al Rashidi to make a good cross from Al Khaibari’s left side, with a chipped header that slipped under the goalkeeper’s legs.

It gave way to a continuous search for the goal by Cristiano Ronaldo. Incisive, quick in his actions, stung with the referee for a penalty that he claimed was not signaled and a yellow received for slight contact in a fight with a rival. He crashed into the crossbar with a header after a great jump in the 37th minute.

And when Al Nassr should have increased his advantage by letting good chances slip away, the most dangerous again from Otávio and a slanted right hand from Cristiano that Stojkovic took with his feet, the Serbian goalkeeper lacked forcefulness when leaving his area to clear a pass long to the unmarking of Ronaldo, who scored his desired goal at will four minutes from time.

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