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Reporter: Ke Mei

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The 16th “Asian Film Awards” was held on March 12 in the Hong Kong Jockey Club Lecture Hall in the West Kowloon Cultural District and the Palace Museum. A total of 30 shortlisted films came from 22 countries and regions, competing for 16 awards. And two “Excellent Asian Filmmaker Award” and “Asia Leap Actor Award” in recognition of filmmakers’ contributions to Asian films. This year, Zhang Yimou, an internationally renowned director and the “Best Director” of the last Asian Film Awards, was invited as the chairman of the jury. Zhang Yimou said through the video: “Asian films are on the road of equal emphasis on art and commerce. Appreciating both refined and popular tastes is exactly the goal we are pursuing.”

Wai Jai: It’s an honor to be on the same page as an outstanding actor

Tony Leung (William Wai) has been nominated for Best Actor in the “Asian Film Awards” twice in the past. In 2008, he won the title of Best Actor in Asia with “Lust, Caution”. “Drive My Car” Hidetoshi Nishijima, “Egoist” Ryohei Suzuki, “A Thousand Miles Home” Zhang Yi and “The Wind and Cloud” Mosentanaband are competing for the best actor. It is unknown whether they will win the honor again. Wai Jai said: “First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement all the time. I am very happy to be shortlisted for Best Actor in the “Asian Film Awards”. As a Hong Kong actor, I am able to be in the same class as a group of outstanding actors from Asia. , I feel very honored.” “Determination to Break Up” received 10 nominations, including “Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Screenplay”, “Best Actor/Actress” and so on. Hui Guanwen was also shortlisted for “Best Supporting Actor” for “When the Wind Rises Again”. He said, “It’s very difficult to make movies now. I’m glad to be a helper and contribute to young film workers and Hong Kong films.”

Carrie Lam: It is not easy to play a favorite character

Zhang Aijia won the Golden Horse Best Actress for “Lights Dim” last year, and then won the “Asian Film Awards” for Best Actress with this film. Her main rival is Tang Wei, who won multiple Best Actress Awards in South Korea with “Determination to Break Up”. Other opponents include “American Girl” Carrie Lam, “Nana’s Time Gone” Hapi Sarma, “The Seventh Five-Year Plan” rewarded Chieko. Carrie Lam said: “Thank you to director Ruan Fengyi. She wrote me a wonderful role. I am grateful for being nominated for “Best Actress”. It is not easy to play a character I like. It is very satisfying to complete the movie dream with a passionate team. Regardless of whether I win an award or not, I am grateful and look forward to the director’s next work.”

Danny Mak Pui-tung competes for best new actor

Wang Danni and Mai Peidong were shortlisted for the “Best New Actor” for “Anita Mui” and “The Corridor of Justice” respectively. Their opponents include Li Zhien (IU) from “Children’s Transfer Station” and Yang Enyou from “Life Events”. Mak Pui-tung said happily, “This is the first good news this year. I’m so happy. Thank you all! I hope that “Zheng” will be screened in more places, so that more people can see this good show and a group of good actors.” The sci-fi action film “War of Tomorrow”, the box office record for Asian cinema in Hong Kong, was only nominated for “Best Visual Effects”.

Maggie Cheung is preparing to open a movie and hopes that the market will continue to thrive

Director Maggie Cheung, Chrissie Chau, Ling Wenlong, Yuan Lilin and this year’s youth ambassador Lin Mingzhen announced the shortlist at the press conference yesterday. Maggie Cheung said that the awards ceremony will be held in Hong Kong after two years. She is happy to see that the Hong Kong film market is booming. “Last year, Hong Kong films achieved good results and many new directors emerged. I hope this year will continue to thrive.” She revealed that she is raising funds to start filming “Ten Boys Studying Medicine”. The film tells about 10 young people who studied medicine in Hong Kong in the early Qing Dynasty. The entire film will be shot in Hong Kong. The competition for “Best Actress” is fierce, Yuan Lilin is optimistic about Zhang Sylvia, “I used to play mother and daughter with Zhang Sylvia in a movie, I admire her very much, I feel that she has a lot of heart for movies.”

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