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Asked in the Corona crisis: these are salaries in systemically relevant professions


Millions of Germans move into their home office, others cannot currently do their jobs because their business is closed. But many still go to work every day because they are needed there right now. They move goods from A to B, store supermarket shelves, sell medicines and care for the sick. The staff in so-called critical infrastructures is indispensable in the Corona crisis.

The state government in North Rhine-Westphalia includes critical energy infrastructure such as energy and water supply, food and hygiene, IT and telecommunications, and of course the healthcare sector. But it also includes finance (credit and cash supply), job centers, state administration, passenger transport and logistics, news media and childcare facilities.

In these sectors too, some can move to their home office, others have to continue doing their job on site. These include renowned and well-paid professional groups such as doctors and pharmacists, but also many poorly paid ones. Based on 12,400 data records, the portal shows which salaries are paid in some of these systemically relevant professions.

Salaries in systemically relevant professions


Median salary

chief doctor

142,600 euros

Senior physician

121,100 euros


80,400 euros


54,200 euros


38,600 euros


36,300 euros

Healing education nurse

35,900 euros

Pharmaceutical-technical assistance

35,300 euros


32,900 euros

Medical assistant

31,000 euros

Professional driver

29,600 euros

Pharmaceutical-commercial employee

28,700 euros

Retail clerk (in the food industry)

28,100 euros


26,800 euros


Other systemically important employees

The list is only a small selection. For example, police officers, firefighters or customs officers are not included. The salaries of civil servants are determined by the respective salary tables, a collective agreement applies to other professions. Postal and parcel carriers, for example, are still on the road.

A parcel deliverer at DHL receives almost € 2300 a month to start with – the equivalent of around € 27,600 a year. “In the future, the need for systemically relevant professions will have to be reflected more in the salary, working conditions and pension payments,” demands Philip Bierbach, Managing Director of “The Corona crisis should definitely be followed by a higher social esteem for these employees.”

Sources: NRW Ministry of Labor, Health, Social Affairs /


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