ASUS ROG Ally: Gaming Benchmark Results & Price Comparison for Z1 Extreme vs Z1 Model

2023-09-30 18:56:14

October 1, 2023Hardware General ASUS has released gaming benchmark results for each ROG Ally model. ROG Ally has two models: ROG Ally RC71L-Z1E512 (hereinafter referred to as Z1 Extreme model) equipped with AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme and ROG Ally RC71L-Z1512 (hereinafter referred to as Z1 model) equipped with AMD Ryzen Z1. The former has an 8C16T CPU and 12 GPUs, and the latter has a 6C12T CPU and 4 GPUs, and there is a 20,000 yen difference in suggested retail price. Specification details are below. Both are the same except CPU/GPU. What difference does this difference in specs make in game performance? Here are the benchmark results published by ASUS. Z1 vs. Z1 Extreme 1080pZ1 vs. Z1 Extreme 720pZ1 The Extreme model had an average frame rate of 42.8% higher at 1080p and 32.7% higher at 720p than the Z1 model. The price difference between the Z1 Extreme model and the Z1 model is 20,000 yen, but there is a considerable difference in frame rate (fps). If you don’t want that high of a frame rate, it’s not a bad idea to save money with the Z1 model, but if you want to play comfortably with a higher frame rate, you’ll be happier if you buy the Z1 Extreme model for an extra 20,000 yen. . The selling prices of ASUS ROG Ally at each store are as follows. (As of October 1, 2023) ASUS ROG Ally Z1 Extreme model (RC71L-Z1E512) Tsukumo: 109,800 yen including tax (1,098p return) / Amazon: 109,800 yen including tax (1,098p return) ASUS ROG Ally Z1 model (RC71L-Z1512) Tsukumo: Not available / Amazon: 89,800 yen including tax (898p return)
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