At a Glance Gudeg, Young Jackfruit and Brown Sugar Mix

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Seller warm legendary in Yogyakarta, Mbah Lindu breathed her last few days ago at the age of 100 years. More than eight decades Mbah Lindu close friends with warm.

In a documentary series, Mbah Lindu claimed to know warm from her grandmother. This indicates that warm has existed since hundreds of years ago.

Gudeg is one of the legendary foods in Java. Warm cooked from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk and brown sugar.

“There is no information about the history of warm. However, there are several versions, “said culinary expert and chef Ragil Imam Wibowo, Tuesday (7/14).

Ragil explained the origins of warm warm in line with the origin of brown sugar or Javanese sugar, one of the important ingredients for creating sweet taste in warm.

“I see it as a journey from Javanese people who found brown sugar,” said the man who is familiarly called Chef Ragil.

The existence of brown sugar made people at that time combine it with young jackfruit, a fruit with many trees embedded around the house.

According to Ragil, there are two possible origins of warm, namely starting from inadvertently mixing jackfruit and sugar or deliberately formulated by the community at that time to preserve food. Processed young jackfruit cooked can be up to one day can last up to more than a month with storage at room temperature.

“It could be due to accident or they do understand that sugar makes food durable,” Ragil said.

In another version, Ragil said warm was created during the war in the 16th century. When they run out of food, people cook young jackfruit in the forest with brown sugar and stir it. This is also the origin of the name warm which in Javanese means ‘stirred’.

Since then, warm processed has been passed down for generations. Gudeg is also known as the food of kings and royal guests.

Processed warm of Javanese society develops with various variations. In Yogyakarta, known as the City of Gudeg, this food has a sweeter taste. In Solo, warm has a more savory taste.

Sweet warm taste combined with a variety of side dishes such as sambal krecek, chicken chips, eggs, tofu, and tempeh. This combination will create a rich taste of each side dish.

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