At the Detroit auto show, Joe Biden promotes the electric car

Alexis Guilleux, edited by Laura Laplaud
8:02 a.m., September 15, 2022

The famous North American show has just opened its doors, after two editions canceled due to Covid-19. Joe Biden himself came to preach the good word because for the American president, car enthusiast and defender of the electric car, the future belongs more than ever to this type of vehicle.

It’s the major automobile meeting in North America. The Detroit Auto Show opened Wednesday in Michigan, with guest star Joe Biden. The American president once again repeated it, the future of the car in the United States will be electric.

900 million dollars released

Joe Biden is a “car guy”, a man of cars, as he often likes to call himself. And since his arrival at the White House, he has been the first defender of the passage to the electric car. On Wednesday, he announced the release of 900 million dollars to start building the large national network of electric charging stations. This first component will cover a third of the country’s highways in 35 states.

“The great American road trip will be totally electrified. Charging stations will be as easy to find as gas stations are today. We will also invest seven billion dollars so that American auto companies have the batteries and all the equipment essential they need,” he said.

Ultimately, the objective is to install 500,000 charging stations. Added to this is an incentive recently voted by the Democrats: a $7,500 tax credit for the purchase of an electric vehicle, made in America. Because for Joe Biden, it is above all a strategic and industrial opportunity: to transform the American car fleet while creating jobs in the United States.

Two months before the mid-term elections, the president does not hesitate to provide after-sales service for his reforms.

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