At the Oran PSC meeting, Morocco did not opt ​​for the empty chair

Morocco is present at the ninth high-level seminar on “Peace and Security in Africa”, organized from December 7 to 9 in Oran, Algeria. The Moroccan delegation to this event is led by the ambassador, permanent representative of the kingdom to the African Union, Mohamed Arrouchi.

In Oran, participants examine the following themes: “disarmament and control of illicit small arms and light weapons: silencing the guns in Africa”, “African responses to emerging threats to peace and security on the continent – address the scourge of terrorism and violent extremism in Africa”, “imposition and enforcement of sanctions by international organizations and partners on AU Member States” and “The AU PSC and the A3 (the three African countries sitting on the Security Council): better coordination to strengthen the voice of Africa within the executive body of the United Nations”.

Despite the rupture of relations with Algeria, Morocco, a member of the AU Peace and Security Council, wanted to take part in this seminar to defend, and from Algeria, its positions, as was the case at the last Arab summit. The neighbor to the east is not taking the same path. This is evidenced by his absences from two meetings of the steering committee of the 5+5 Defense Initiativeorganized in Rabat in October and November.

By hosting this seminar in Oran, Algeria especially to guide the African countries members of the Security Council to defend the positions of the Polisario.

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