At the Red Sea International Film Festival… special statements and spontaneous shots of the stars

2023-12-05 16:35:15

The third session of Red Sea International Film FestivalThe event, which began last Thursday, included many important events and events attended by major stars and celebrities from around the world. These events witnessed spontaneous stances and other remarkable statements by these stars.

Meryem Uzerli and childhood memories

Turkish star Meryem Uzerli recalled her childhood memories, especially those that she associates with cinema screens. During her interview with the “Sayidaty” camera, she spoke about these memories. At first, she expressed her happiness at the question that was asked to her by “Sayidaty” about the first movie she saw in the cinema when she was a child. Her answer was as follows: “A good and interesting question. The first movie I ever watched when I was a child was the animated movie Ariel, the Mermaid from Disney.”

Aseel Omran is a personal aspect

As for the artist Aseel Omran, she spoke spontaneously in her interview with the “Sayidaty” camera about the habits and things she follows in her personal life away from the cameras filming her artistic works. The most prominent of these things are the habits she follows when she is invited to attend a lunch party, as she always prefers to remain alone, saying, “ I like to disappear suddenly whenever I am anywhere or at home and not tell anyone.”
Regarding the foods that represent a major weakness for her, she said with a laugh, “Anything that contains rice.”
In the field of shopping, buying shoes, whether online or otherwise, attracted Aseel’s interest more than buying anything else.

Spontaneous shots of Abdullah Al-Sadhan

Spontaneous dialogues and clips were starred by the Saudi artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan, who, at the beginning of the first day of the festival, was keen to meet world celebrities, including international star Will Smith, as he broadcast a video clip on his Instagram page, in which the duo appeared exchanging conversations in a spontaneous manner that dominated There is love and affection between both parties. He broadcast a video through his official Instagram account, in which he appeared accompanied by international star Will Smith.
This is not the first meeting or conversation that brought Al-Sadhan together with international stars. He had another meeting with international star Sofia Vergara, while he was invited by AlUla Film to have a lunch, on the sidelines of one of the activities of the Red Sea Film Festival.
Al-Sadhan was keen to document this meeting as well, as he published a photo of him and Sofia Vergara, through his official account on the

Another spontaneous shot… Nancy Ajram ignites the atmosphere of the women’s party in the cinema

The Lebanese star was able to Nancy Ajram To ignite the atmosphere of the celebration of the effectiveness of women in cinema, or Women in Cinema, with her songs, which received active interaction from the audience, who joined her by singing, clapping, and dancing to the tunes of the songs. Among the stars who interacted with Nancy Ajram were Yousra, Lebleba, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sharon Stone.
The audience also interacted with the songs of Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress, Tiwa Savage, who made the audience give up their seats and sing and dance with her.
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Yasmine Sabry’s desire for change…a final decision

The sophisticated or romantic girl in roles and characters that the public is accustomed to seeing Yasmine Sabry in, whether in her dramatic or cinematic works. However, Yasmine decided to move away from this artistic template, and announced this during her own dialogue session, which was held on the sidelines of the Red Sea International Film Festival. She said that one of her artistic ambitions is to present popular works of art that are shown on television and not on digital platforms, due to her desire to reach all segments of the audience.
Yasmine Sabry added that the producers are trapping her in the role of a delicate girl, but she wants to rebel against this mold and present the character of a popular girl in television drama, adding, “I will do that in my next work.”

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