At the request of George Wassouf, a sheikh recites the Qur’an at the funeral of his son, Wadih

05:31 PM

Monday 09 January 2023

I wrote – Manal El Geyoushi:

The great artist, George Wassouf, asked Sheikh Yasser Al-Saleh to recite verses from the Holy Qur’an in condolences to his son, “Wadih,” who passed away from our world on Friday.

And “Wassouf” appeared next to Sheikh Yasser, and the latter recited verses from Surat “Maryam” in the midst of the audience.

The great artist, George Wassouf, collapsed in front of the coffin of his late son, Wadih, during the funeral of his body from the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas on Sunday.

“Wasouf” appeared in front of the coffin crying and holding the coffin of his eldest son, who passed away after suffering a health crisis during the past few days.

Wadih, the son of the great artist, George Wassouf, left our world last Friday, after suffering from complications from stomach surgery.

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