At the Soulages museum, Geluck’s cat works in black

STORY OF THE DAY – The feline created by the Belgian comedian takes up his winter quarters at the Rodez museum. A tribute exhibition anchored in the friendship between the two artists.

Philippe Geluck's famous Cat is in the spotlight at the Soulages museum.
Philippe Geluck’s famous Cat is in the spotlight at the Soulages museum. Philippe Geluck

A cat who contemplates his black shadow! To enter the Soulages museum, Geluck’s had to show a white paw. But once installed, he can take his ease to purr on the rails. The artistic association between the painter Pierre Soulages and the Belgian designer, creator of Le Chat, Philippe Geluck, could seem improbable. However, it is anchored in a deep recognition that is revealed today.

“Thanks to my father, Soulages has been one of my childhood heroes since the age of five , confides the person concerned who remembers perfectly his first meeting with the creator of Outrenoirs, in 2005 at the Louvre, on the set of Guillaume Durand’s show, «The impossible exhibition ”. “We chatted passionately …”, recalls Geluck. Ten years later, at the Brafa, a large Brussels fair, Geluck put on sale a large 162 cm × 114 cm painting entitled Power failure at the Soulages Museum. Three collectors bitterly fight over the canvas. The image

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