At the Sousse International Fair: Prize-winning inventions

2023-05-21 08:13:09

On the occasion of the 8e edition of the International Book Fair which will continue until today May 21, the Sousse International Fair organized the second edition of the invention fair in the fields of medical sciences, robotics, technology, the mecanic…

At the stand of the Sfax biotechnology center, Besma Hadj Kacem, teacher and researcher at the eukaryotic molecular biotechnology laboratory, under the said center, told us that she won the 1is prize for the global innovation competition which took place in Tunis in September 2022, as well as the 2e National Invention Competition Prize.

She told us on this subject that her invention relates to a pharmaceutical preparation with strong antihemorrhagic power which contains a pro-aggregating molecule promoting the activation of platelet aggregation and the formation of a clot of adequate size to accelerate the stop bleeding. The contribution of this invention is to reduce the bleeding time by 50% and the volume of blood elapsed by 45%.

This preparation, she continued, is more effective than marketed products. She noted that this invention was filed, internationally, at the European Patent Office on October 12, 2022 to better protect her invention.

wearable electronic device for the blind

At the stand of the Tunisian Association for Scientific Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property (Atrsipi) created in 2018, Imen Khanfir, doctor and engineer in information processing, presented an invention consisting of a portable electronic device for the blind to help them navigate safely and interact with their environment.

World championship winning robots robotics

At the stand of the Tunisian Association for the Future of Technological Sciences (Atast), Hatem Slimane, president of this association and teacher in mechanical engineering, presented us with the winning robots of young Tunisian inventors at the world robotics championship which s took place in the USA from April 29 to May 4, 2022.

He also presented his invention to us in the field of water saving and which consists of an intelligent water meter which closes automatically in the event of a water leak.

Education and Universities Fair

Alongside the Salon de l’invention, the fair also houses the 1time edition of the Education and Universities Fair which will continue until today, with the participation of state and private faculties from the various universities of the Republic.

As Abdelaziz Dahmani, President and CEO of the Sousse Fair, told us, the objective of this Fair is to offer students, young people and adults multiple resources in the field of educational sciences and research as well as in the field of career choices.

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