Atlético launches for the transfer of Yannick Carrasco

Dismissed the signing of Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani for this month of January, and even for June, Atlético turned its goal in this winter market to the Belgian end Yannick Carrasco, for which he already negotiates his transfer from the Chinese Dalian Yifang, as he could EFE, just two years after his departure from the club rojiblanco, in February 2018.

A little more than 24 hours to close the term of the transfer market, this Friday at 23.59 hours, the operation is already underway. The rojiblanco club negotiates with Dalian Yifang, the team that transferred him in February 2018, to be a transfer until the end of the season, without his arrival entailing the departure of any player from the current squad for the salary limit of the league.

Yannick Carrasco, at the same time, after two years in Chinese football, wishes to return to Atlético, to which he would return with the endorsement of his undoubted qualities, his speed, his dribble or his shot, weighed down by an irregularity that curbed his potential in his previous stage in the club, with ups and downs, but also with impressive moments.

The end, who on February 26, 2018 left the rojiblanco club four years before the end of his contract (had signed until 2022), played two and a half years in Atlético, with 124 games under Diego Simeone, 74 of them from the eleven holder.

At that time he scored 23 goals: five in his first campaign, in 2015-16, including that of the Champions League final against Real Madrid at the San Siro stadium; fourteen in the second, in 2016-17, and four in 2017-18. He also gave twelve assists.

«He is a very important player for the team, because he has verticality, one on one, goal, good shot … Hopefully he can maintain concentration and emotional stability. There is a lot of competition and we need everyone to be well, ”said Diego Simeone then, a month and a half before his transfer, on January 9, 2018.

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Now, two years later, it is the new goal of Atlético in this winter market, pending resolution of economic issues so that its assignment until the end of the course is a fact this Friday, before the end of the term of signings.

There is no more time to reinforce for the rojiblanco team, which will not reach Edinson Cavani. Neither in January nor in June, according to sources of the frustrated negotiation between the player and Atlético de Madrid, which has a new challenge: Yannick Carrasco. The deadline is 23.59 this Friday. .

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