ATU | These are the new speed limits for vehicles on avenues and in shreds [multa por incumplir medida llega hasta los S/ 1,056] | nndc | PERU

The Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) reported that new speed limits have been established in urban areas, for which the maximum speed for vehicles will be 50 km / h on avenues, while on streets and shreds it will be 30 km / h.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications detailed that the new speed limits were established in the , which modifies the National Traffic Regulations.

The ATU emphasized that this measure will benefit bicyclists and pedestrians. The standard recognizes the cyclist as a vulnerable user and the objective is to strengthen the importance of active mobility in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the law indicates that the speed limits on roads that cross populated centers and / or homes located continuously or partially dispersed, school zones or hospitals will be 30 km / h in commercial areas, 50 km / h in areas residential and 30 km / h in school zones / hospitals.


Article 313 establishes that the sanctions of suspension and cancellation of the driver’s license, as well as that of disqualification from obtaining a new driver’s license, are imposed directly, for the commission of any of the typified offenses to which said said is attributed. sanction according to the classification table, sanctions, preventive measures and control of points. (See box)

The recidivism in the commission of the same infraction – clarifies – is sanctioned with double the period of suspension or original temporary disqualification.

Likewise, it is indicated that the competent authorities in the exercise of their sanctioning power may impose sanctions of suspension or cancellation of the driver’s license or disqualification of the driver in accordance with the rules established in the regulations of the control system for driving licenses by points.

Regardless of the application of any direct non-pecuniary sanction that may correspond, it is possible – he affirms – to apply sanctions for accumulation of points, executing, if applicable, the periods of suspension and / or disqualification successively ”.

The driver with a skillful driver’s license who has not accumulated one hundred (100) firm points and who has not been subject to direct non-pecuniary sanction, may reduce thirty (30) points from the Driving License Control System by Points, after accreditation of have passed the Road Safety Course for Drivers, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations for the Control System for Driving Licenses by Points.


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