AUA salary dispute: Union announces voting results on Tuesday

The survey ends on Monday at 11:59 p.m. After evaluating the vote, the aviation specialist committee in the union will discuss the result and then announce it, said a vida spokeswoman.

The AUA board had improved its offer the previous week in the 20th round of negotiations. The union has asked its members – around 60 percent of the 3,400 pilots and flight attendants affected – to vote on the offer online.

However, the union will count the votes of cabin crew and cockpit crew separately. If only 50 percent or less of one of these two groups reject the offer, the AUA’s offer will be rejected as a whole, the union said online. The union announced that the percentage result of the vote would only be published if there was approval.

Vienna Airport boss: “Pure farce”

In a press release, Günther Ofner, Vienna Airport board member and Chamber of Commerce aviation chief, described the vote as “pure farce” and “completely non-transparent”. Ultimately, only union members are allowed to vote, said Ofner.

The union justified the vote with only minimal improvements in the KV offer. The AUA leadership promoted the offer. Acceptance would be “once again one of the highest degrees in Austria”. If the workforce persisted in their demands, AUA boss Annette Mann threatened a downsizing course.

According to vida, the airline’s offer for this year includes a salary increase of 6.8 percent plus 0.2 percent as well as the one percent increase agreed last year – a total of 8 percent, as Ofner noted. And for 2025 and 2026, the AUA’s offer provides for an increase of 5 percent each – but including inflation. The union said co-pilots should receive up to an additional ten percent in the first stage. However, vida explained that no concrete offer had been presented to her. And there are signs of a deterioration in profit sharing.

In the fight for higher salaries, the AUA on-board staff went on strike for 36 hours before Easter. Several company meetings this spring also led to flight disruptions.


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