“Aum Patcharapa” makes a comeback in a movie in 7 years, the moment joins the frame “Taew”

Aum reveals that from the beginning, many people are happy that we have made a comeback? “Yes, we really want to play. Because I read the chapter and really liked it. but is still unable to say what the script is like But Aum felt that Aum liked it. At first I was against whether or not it was the same as what we used to play. But read and read, not at all. because it made Aum laugh and read it in a moment. don’t think too long Just think about the first page, what should I do? After all, it’s very fun. But I’m stressed that I won’t laugh as much as I read, stressed that we won’t be able to do it.”

Do you think you have a bum? “Actually, Aum isn’t the same in this story. Oh, I can’t talk. Don’t ask (laughs). But in real life, Aum is a funny person who likes to laugh and laugh all the time. But this one is all funny. It’s funny as it looks.”

How much do you miss the show? “At the end of the story, from the enemy to the heart, I wanted to shoot it. I want to take a photo But when we meet with covids, we start to be lazy. Now I feel like I have to work because we have drama Filming a movie first so that it adjusts the time. Aum can’t sleep at the time? Let’s adjust the time with the movie first.”

Previously, I was fit to my waist 23 because I was coming to work, right? “Yes, I’m going to film a drama, but I can’t, I have to add more. Because of this, the dress may have to have a bit of meat. It’s not dizzy. It’s all right. It’s already fat.”

when thinning People say that just the collarbone is beautiful? “We want to slim down the bottom. But it likes to be slim in the upper part. Answers page. Now exercise as usual. just add protein Because the face is responding, the collarbone is raised, and it’s thin, but it’s shabby.”

Any tips for keeping in shape? “Everything, we’ve been working out for 3 months. You can see that Aum eats a lot. Aum’s name is already eaten. have eaten since childhood Eat a lot of sweets. Eat less rice. It’s a problem. We are fat. There are no exercise photos on IG because we don’t go out often, but we do have them.”

On the last birthday of Pok’s mother, she met “Taew-Nataphon” as well? “Actually, we’ve met before. but didn’t post a picture People will think why we met. We meet, but sometimes we don’t post pictures.”

People tease that the daughter-in-law is ready and ready? “Can I have my son’s friend first? Read time and startled. I saw the comments and was startled (laughs).” Do you have a startle as well? “I didn’t ask, but with my mother, we have seen it often (smiles).”

Before I saw it, I said that I haven’t seen it often? “If there’s nothing We didn’t meet here. Once in a while Let’s just say that people will ask that we are apart again. But actually 2-3 years. In the beginning, before the covids, we will meet 3-4 days a week. When the covids are 10 days, we meet one time. Sometimes it’s 2 weeks or a month. Assuming someone meets someone, we meet someone, each person is detained. Everyone is careful.”

Taew makes swimwear brands We can help support too? “Oh, yes, she’s cute. The outfits are cute too.”

Do you talk often? “We don’t talk often. But say hi on IG and see you later.”

Is there news that we will sell the car? “Not yet, price first, he said that now the price is good. Everything is expensive, so we want to sell everything.”

People fighting to buy our car? “I haven’t sold it yet. I’m afraid that people won’t like it. I haven’t sold it yet. I’m still hitting the price. If the price is high, I sell it. I’m very confused. Everything, bags, watches are all getting more expensive. Anything that can be sold, I want to sell. But I haven’t sold a single piece yet. Looking back, never used it. Because Covid didn’t do anything, but it’s a pity. Miss you.

But usually we like giving things? “No, this one is kept as a souvenir (laughs)”.

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