Austria affected by German train drivers’ strike

2024-01-24 04:30:22

The strike by train drivers in passenger transport began across Germany on Wednesday morning. The strike called by the GDL union began at 2 a.m. The strike is scheduled to end on Monday at 6 p.m. Until then, an emergency timetable from Deutsche Bahn should apply. The railway’s freight traffic has been on strike since Tuesday at 6 p.m.

The railway explained that the emergency timetable offered “only a very limited range of trains in long-distance, regional and S-Bahn traffic”. Travelers can postpone their trips. If you want to start your journey, the railway recommends that you check with the information media to find out whether the connection runs according to the emergency timetable or not.

The mega-strike is the fourth in the current round of collective bargaining, which began at the beginning of November: in November and December, the union backed up its demands with a one-day warning strike, followed by a three-day strike in January. The GDL’s core demand is a reduction in weekly working hours from 38 to 35 hours. The railway currently offers an optional model for reducing working hours by one hour per week from 2026.

As with the most recent strike in the German rail sector – the fourth in just a few months – train connections between Austria and Germany are likely to be affected. The ÖBB recommend postponing non-essential trips.

The train connection for ÖBB tickets to and from Germany has been lifted, night train tickets can also be used during the day, the railway announced. Tickets purchased before January 22nd can be canceled and refunded if the trip does not start. Tickets that have already been purchased can also be used for longer, namely until February 5th. The Westbahn trains run as scheduled.

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