Avatar, Ghost Recon Frontline: Ubisoft announces bad news

On the Daily program, The Last of Us Part 1 finally unveils gameplay, Ubisoft cancels several of its projects and postpones a very large cartridge that was planned for this year, and Minecraft and Epic Games tell us about their visions of NFTs! The Daily is on.

Ubisoft cancels several projects

Ubisoft has formalized the cancellation of several of its projects, including Ghost Recon Frontline and Splinter Cell VR. The latest bad news is the postponement of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, the in-game adaptation of James Cameron’s film. Ubisoft’s open world title will not be released in 2022, but rather the following year, or even in 2024. The second film in the saga will be released on December 14 in French cinemas, which could have been a good boost for sales of the game. But James Cameron is planning a third film for December 2024.

The Last of Us Part I dévoile du gameplay

If The Last of Us showed some comparisons and gave a release date to the opening night of the Summer Game Fest, players had not been able to see any gameplay of the game until then. But last night, Naughty Dog and Playstation released a 10-minute video showcasing the famous gameplay, along with interviews with the devs explaining how the team rebuilt the game “from the ground up.” Among the novelties, a Permanent Death mode for speedruns enthusiasts. If The Last of Us Part 2 offered a whole bunch of accessibility options, this remake will follow this logic since more than 60 accessibility options will be there.

Minecraft and Epic Games at odds over NFTs

Recently, Mojang took the floor and positioned itself in relation to NFTs. They reject any form of this new technology in their Minecraft game. According to them, the principle of NFT is incompatible with the joy brought by a video game. After this position, Epic Games decided to communicate. And Tim Sweeney, the boss of the box, has a totally different opinion. The studio will not interfere with games using this technology. According to him, developers should be free to decide how they develop their games.

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