Averin pressed his beloved to his chest in an intimate photo

2023-06-10 16:20:44

The actor lit up in an embrace with a blue-eyed blonde.

Fans can’t wait for Maxim Averin to say goodbye to his bachelor life. Many almost believed in the drastic changes in the artist’s personal life when a photo with a spectacular blonde went viral on social networks.

In the picture, the star of Sklifosovsky embraced his colleague in the series Maria Kulikova. According to the plot, the characters are happily married. It is not surprising that the audience, looking at the idyll on the screen, wants to transfer it to real life.

To their dismay, 47-year-old Averin is still single. And Kulikova herself is not looking for new relationships after the divorce. But that doesn’t stop the public from showering compliments on the beautiful on-screen couple.

“Sweet couple”, “Am I alone bastard when they are around?”, “You and Maxim suit each other”, “And in the eyes of true love”, “Look cool together,” they say on the Web.

Screenshot “Maria Kulikova” / Social networks

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