AWS: Amazon EKS available on Graviton2

Amazon Web Services announced this Monday the availability of Amazon EKS, which provides Kubernetes as a fully managed service on AWS, on its Graviton2 processor. Users will be able to benefit from Amazon EKS on Graviton2 if both services are available in their region.

The Graviton2, unveiled late last year, is an Arm-based processor, designed by the cloud provider and its Annapurna Labs unit.

More performance at a lower cost

In a blog post, Michael Hausenblas of AWS explains the benefit of running Amazon EKS on Graviton2. “EC2 instances powered by next-generation AWS Graviton2 ARM-based processors provide a major breakthrough in performance and capacity, as well as significant cost savings. One of the primary goals of container operations is to improve the cost-effectiveness of your applications. Combine the two and you will get great value for money. “

Now that Amazon EKS is available on Graviton2 processors, it supports ARMv8.2 (64-bit) architecture, among others. It offers end-to-end multi-architecture support, and the EKS API and tooling support architecture-specific configurations. This also means that mixed managed node groups are now supported.

Amazon also announced that AWS Fargate now supports Amazon EFS. AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine for containers, available with both Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) et Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Amazon had announced support for Elastic File System (EFS) of Fargate on ECS last April.

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