“Ayrden’s Circle” The Mirror Man completely defeated the “Evil Omen Demon”, and directly shielded him in the middle | 4Gamers

“Elden Ring” (Elden Ring” (Elden Ring)’s launch weekend immediately caused a large number of players to echo, but the vast majority of the beginning of the faded people are still wandering in the Nimgford area, and they are trying to deal with the first one in Stoneville City. The door god, “Evil Omen Demon” Malkit. If you haven’t beaten him yet, you might as well take a look at the Mirror Magic Man’s tactics.

SunhiLegend, a well-known overseas game mirror expert, has created epic and epic mirror battle films with games such as “Demon Hunter”, “Monster Hunter” or “Sekiro” in the past, and this time “Ayrden Circle” is no exception, and He uploaded a video against Malkit on the 27th, and it has been liked by tens of thousands of netizens within a few hours.

Judging from SunhiLegend’s unhurried movements, it can be seen that he has already seen through Malkit’s movements, and cleverly avoided attacks with the simplest dodge movements. At the same time, he also showed the skills of shield counterattack. Malkit was exhausted.

Of course, this is not a short time to practice the movement like SunhiLegend, but these actions can still bring some inspiration to players of many levels, especially those friends who are used to melee combat.

Or, you can also go to other places to practice or learn new skills or pray, and then come back to abuse the boss when the level is high, or see if there is a chance for the boss to get stuck and jump down by himself…

From Software’s latest title, Elden Ring, will be available on February 25 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows, Steam, and more.

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