AZ Alkmaar Fans Attack West Ham Supporters: Club Issues Apology

2023-05-20 06:56:35

Thursday, “supporters” of AZ Alkmaar distinguished themselves in a very bad way, attacking West Ham fans after the Londoners’ victory in the Europa League Conference (0-1). In a statement, the Dutch club issued an “apology”.

Defeated 2-1 in the first leg by West Ham, AZ Alkmaar believed they were offering their fans a good comeback, and a Europa League Conference final. Finally, the long-awaited meeting by the Dutch turned into a nightmare. As well as being defeated 0-1, the hosts saw some of their supporters attacking West Ham fans.

Relatives of London players and coach David Moyes have even been targeted. Via a statementAlkmaar took responsibility and sent a message of apology to the English club: “What happened goes beyond all limits. The club once again sends its most sincere apologies to West Ham United and the thousands of caring supporters of AZ who were also embarrassed by this misconduct.”

A planned investigation

The recently eliminated club from the European Cup point out that these individuals are far from representing the majority of AZ Alkmaar fans: “This is a night to reflect on with shame. Not because of the football match that took place, but because of the behavior of some visitors. Unfortunately, we cannot use the word ‘supporters’ to refer to these people.”

Despite the apologies, this case will not go unanswered. The 4th in the Dutch championship that a “collaboration with the police, the public prosecutor and the municipality of Alkmaar” is planned, in order to assess “exactly what happened, and what needs to be improved in the future.” The Dutch also assure that those responsible will be “identified” and that they will suffer “the consequences” of their actions.

Benrahma’s rant

After the final whistle, several actors of the meeting spoke about these events. AZ manager Pascal Jansen shared his “shame that it happened in our stadium. It shouldn’t happen. You have to know how to control your emotions.”

While he saw members of his family being caught up in this turmoil, Saïd Benrahma gave him a big rant about security in the Dutch stadium: “It’s not normal for them to access the places where they There are our families, like that, without security. There have been beatings. It is unacceptable that there is no security. There are grandfathers, mothers, fathers… are not safe in a football match, it is very serious.”

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