BAAC has approved “Aid for Farmers” 80 billion, check the transfer date for the first installment

project update “Rice income insurance 65/66” Most recently, Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) revealed that the BAAC Board of Directors meeting today (November 23, 2022) resolved to approve BAAC to drive work according to government policies. To help farmers who grow rice to earn income. and liquidity in spending

Including providing opportunities for farmers to have options to sell paddy at a higher price. Or suitable in accordance with the production cost, total amount 81,265 million baht, project implementation period from now until September 30, 2022. The goal is to benefit farmers in the amount of 4.68 million households, consisting of payment’ aid 4 projects

1. Project to support management fee and product quality development for rice farmers in the production year 2022/23 by supporting money for farmers who have registered as rice growers with the Department of Agricultural Extension. Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives Production year 2022/23 “Money to heal 1,000 per rai” up to 20 rai or not more than 20,000 baht per household

2. ProjectRice income insurance 65/66 to help rice farmers and hedging against price risks Not to suffer from loss Reduce the burden of expenses in solving the problem of low product prices from economic slowdown and natural disasters.

Rice income insurance 65/66 farmers who grow 5 types of rice, namely

  • jasmine rice 15,000 baht per ton, not more than 14 tons per household
  • Jasmine rice paddy outside the area 14,000 baht per ton, not more than 16 tons per household
  • paddy rice 10,000 baht per ton, not more than 30 tons per household
  • Fragrant rice paddy, Pathum Thani 11,000 baht per ton, not more than 25 tons per household
  • sticky rice 12,000 baht per ton, not more than 16 tons per household

3. Credit project to delay the sale of rice paddy production year 2022/23 so that farmers have working capital while slowing down the sale of rice without rushing to sell paddy During the period when a lot of produce is released to the market and the price is low, the total credit line is 25,590 million baht without interest for farmers. and maintain the quality of paddy at 1,500 baht per ton in case farmers store rice in their own barns

4. Credit project to collect rice and create added value by Farmers Institute, production year 2022/23 for agricultural cooperatives, farmers groups, community enterprises and a community rice center that operates a business of collecting rice from member farmers. general farmer

The credit limit for each agricultural cooperative is no more than 300 million baht, for farmers groups no more than 20 million baht, and for community enterprises no more than 5 million baht. only 1% per year, loan payment period From now until 31 December 2023

However, in terms of parallel measures To stabilize the price of paddy and raise the income of rice farmers sustainably. It gives farmers the opportunity to have the option to sell their paddy at a higher price.

in the Ministry of Commerce by Department of Internal Trade Knock on the benchmark price and compensate the price difference according to the project.Rice income insurance 65/66 by determining the price difference that must be paid to compensate rice farmers Go back until October 15, 2022 (the first installment) and consider the next installment that will be paid every 7 days, a total of 33 installments until the end of the project.

by tomorrow Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, will hold a ceremony to press the money transfer button. Project to support management fees and develop product quality for rice farmers Including giving money to the project to support the management fee and product quality development for rice farmers. with parallel measures to representatives of farmers

A way to check the right to heal farmers 65/66

  • enter the website click here Available 24 hours a day
  • Enter your ID number for use in checking “Farmer Remedies” After filling in the ID card number It contains details of the account, amount and scheme of the grant received.
  • Check the information in the BAAC A-Mobile application after checking on the website. If there is information that the money has been transferred able to check the balance by himself

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