Baby’s funeral is over.. “Don’t blame yourself” to Jin Tae-hyun and Park Si-eun

Actors Jin Tae-hyeon and Park Si-eun wrote on their SNS on the 19th that they had finished the funeral of their baby, who left only 20 days to give birth. [사진=진태현 SNS]

Actors Jin Tae-hyeon and Park Si-eun, who left the baby with only 20 days left after giving birth, announced on SNS on the 19th that “the funeral and funeral of their daughter have been completed.” Earlier, Jin Tae-hyun shared the sad news, “On August 16, in the last month of pregnancy, our baby Tae-eun suddenly stopped heart for no reason.”

Jin Tae-hyun said, “It was our baby who could come into the world if he endured three weeks. I gave everything and left without showing my face.” Tae-eun’s death was discovered during a regular checkup.

Jin Tae-hyeon and Park Si-eun married in 2015, overcame two miscarriages and had a baby again, receiving congratulations from many people. After the two had a hard time getting ‘Tae-eun’, they carefully announced the pregnancy news to their fans only after 12 weeks, the period of stabilization. Fans are cheering, saying, “Don’t blame yourself.” The couple adopted a college student daughter they met at an orphanage in 2019.

Jin Tae-hyun said, “My baby left with exactly 20 days left. However, with the support and love of many people, our Taeeun must have been really happy. The tears won’t stop, but I have to stand up for my family, so I’ll cry a little more and stop the tears.”

Jin Tae-hyun told his wife Park Si-eun, “My dear Si-eun, let’s not just blame ourselves for it is not bad luck or anyone’s fault. I really struggled… Tae-eun has been embracing her for 9 months… Now get some rest. And no matter what anyone says, I’m fine. I love you,” he comforted. He continued, “I will take good care of my wife and help her body recover well from now on,” he said.

Jin Tae-hyeon and Park Si-eun’s miscarriage caused the baby’s funeral and funeral to be completed during surgery and hospitalization. Jin Tae-hyun said, “I waited for my wife in a different way from other fathers in front of the operating room waiting for their children. This experience, which I can’t repeat, was a very precious time not only for humility but also for deeply reflecting on the life I’ve lived.”

Jin Tae-hyun said, “I love my wife more than I do now, and I will do everything with my wife. I’m glad that I loved my Tae-eun so much for 9 months without any regrets. I wish,” he wrote.

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