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JAKARTA – Singer Nania Yusuf revealed the reaction of his parents when he expressed his intention to return to Islam. He said it was a tearful moment of emotion.

“D-1 before returning to Jakarta, I said, ‘Sir, Mi, I want to return to Islam again.’ That’s when they cry. Mami immediately bowed in gratitude and said, ‘My burden is gone, Nia’, “he said quoted from the YouTube channel Official NitNotSunday (22/5/2022).

The singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol said that since embracing Christianity in 2009, his parents and family have not stopped praying for him. The father always fasts regularly, hoping that the daughter will return to her Islamic faith.

“So before Grandmother died, he told Father to let me convert (to Christianity). But don’t let go, just pray. So, it’s been 12 years they’ve been waiting for my process to come back. The power of parental prayer is extraordinary,” he said.

The desire to return to Islam has been recognized by Nania Yusuf for the last 2-3 years. But that desire grew stronger when he spent the Eid holiday with his parents this year.

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While massaging her mother, thoughts of death began to come to Nania Yusuf. “There is a question in my heart, ‘Later, if Mami dies, who will bathe and light her body?'” he said.

Nana Yusuf.  (Photo: Instagram/@nania.yusuf)

When the desire grew stronger, Nania Yusuf finally decided to remain silent and temporarily let go of the two religions. Until finally, he was sure to repeat the two sentences of creed on May 21, 2022.*

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