‘Bad foods’ that are good for health if eaten in moderation

Although it is good for health when consumed in an appropriate amount, there are foods that are misunderstood and avoided by people. [사진=클립아트코리아]

It is effective when consumed in an appropriate amount.

good for healthIt is wrongly known avoidThere are foods that do this. American health lifestyle magazine ‘Eating Well’ misunderstood foodfield good food to eat in moderation Five were introduced.



beefIt is full of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, so people who care about heart health should avoid it. However lean meat without fatIs proteinclass iron contentthis many low-fat foodto be. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen from the lungs to cells throughout the body. mineralis, especially women of childbearing ageIt is easy to lack


yolkContains dietary cholesterol and has been contraindicated. Medical experts point to saturated and trans fats, rather than dietary cholesterol, as the main culprits for increasing cholesterol in the blood. in the yolk luteinclass zeaxanthinZeaxanthin is found in adults over the age of 50. Agingloss of vision due to reduce the risk of blindnessIt is known as a causative substance.


peanut butter

peanut butterIt is known that eating will make you fat. In peanut butter FatThis is a lot, but it doesn’t make you fat. Of course, peanut butter is calorie-concentrated, so you shouldn’t eat it too much. One tablespoon (90 calories) or two tablespoons. In peanut butter new cellsimportant to make folic acidclass vitamin Bis abundant


potatoIs glycemic indexEating too high will cause your blood sugar to rise rapidly. Blood sugar is a problem for people with diabetes because it can interfere with insulin’s ability to help glucose get into cells.

Potatoes Fiber, potassium, vitamin Chave a lot of Your glycemic index shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re careful not to eat just one potato with nothing. when eating potatoes olive oiladd a little hypoglycemic indexbecome the food of The fat in the olive oil is the carbohydrate absorptionbecause it slows down



breadIt is bad for the body because it is high in carbohydrates. Actually, the bread isn’t bad. refined grainsThe problem is that it became as much as possible whole grainto eat what is made of 100% whole wheat breador other whole grain breadsIt is better to change it to Studies have shown that eating whole grains can help you live longer.

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