‘Bae Yoon-jung’s ex-husband’ Jerome, in a love triangle with Benita…will remarry (Idol Singles 4)

2023-09-10 01:28:01

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[OSEN=최나영 기자] “It’s a battle of pride over one woman!” → “I’m really angry… ”

Jerome and Tom of ‘Idol Singles 4’ engage in an ‘ultimate rivalry match’ with Benita, the center of the love triangle, between them.

Jerome and Tom will compete for pride in the ‘Paintball Shooting Survival Game’ with Benita in the 8th episode of MBN’s ‘Dollsingles 4’, which airs at 10 pm on the 10th (today). Before entering the game, they actively appealed to each other’s ‘survival game abilities’ and showed careful manners by tightening Benita’s helmet by hand, while engaging in a fierce battle of wits to become a team with Benita.

As the rivalry begins in earnest, Jerome and Tom aim their paintball guns at each other without hesitation. In the process, one man couldn’t bear to shoot Benita, who was on a different team, and turned around, causing MC Lee Ji-hye to exclaim, “What’s going on, you’re such a fat lover!” As the heat grew, Lee Hye-young became overly immersed, saying, “It’s a battle of pride over a woman!” and Austin Kang said, “OO is really angry… “He senses an unusual atmosphere.

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[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

Meanwhile, after the survival game, Tom gives off a sharp look when he hears the story of the couple bracelet that Jerome and Benita put together during the ‘Random Date of Belongings’. Immediately after, he is shown approaching Benita more boldly, which calls for Jerome to keep him in check. Attention is focused on their ignited love triangle and the choices of Benita, who received great help from the two men.

The production team said, “It will be an episode in which the different charms of Jerome and Tom explode while Benita, who fell into a ‘mental breakdown’ due to Jerome’s confession of his entertainment industry career and the identity of ‘X’ the night before, is shaken helplessly.” “Please watch with interest the three people’s endless love battle to see which of the two people’s sincerity will be more appealing to Benita, who cannot make up her mind easily.”


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