Baltimore and Washington mourn a legend, the architect of the Bullets is no longer

Sad news from the Washington Wizards: Bob Ferry, former player and General Manager of the franchise, died yesterday at the age of 84. DC says goodbye to one of its legends.

For those who do not know him, we are simply talking about GM of the Bullets team, previous name of the Wizards, champion in 1978! But before that, let’s allow ourselves to go back a bit because Bob Ferry was not just a leader, he was also an NBA player. For ten years, this old interior will roam the floors, between the Saint Louis Hawks, the Pistons and finally the Bullets. It is with the Baltimore team – because yes, the Bullets were playing in Baltimore at the time and not in Washington – that Ferry will cross the bench. If he starts as an assistant coach, it is ultimately in the offices that the native of Louisville will find his best place. Appointed General Manager from 1973, Bob Ferry then became the architect of a team which openly aimed for the title, until reaching it in 1978. From there, he continued his mission at the head of the Bullets until 1990. gleaning two manager of the year titles and drafting players who have made the franchise famous such as Manute Bol or Jeff Malone. Its overall balance sheet? 13 qualifications in 17 seasons, more than 700 victories and a ring. By comparison, the Wizards only made the Playoffs ten times in the thirty-one years that followed … In history, only four leaders have reached the threshold of 700 wins, 13 playoff qualifiers, two leader awards and, at least, one title: RC Buford, Jerry West, Jerry Krause and… Bob Ferry. It is therefore indeed a legend that has just died and the franchise of the American capital was quick to pay tribute to him, in particular through the voice of his coach, Wes Unseld Jr.

“Ferry and his family are dear to my parents, the Unseld family and the Wizards organization. I know how difficult this time is, so I just want to let them know that we think about them, that we care about them and that we will be there for them. “

The ties between the Unseld family and Bob Ferry are rather obvious. Unseld Sr. and Ferry crossed paths in Baltimore in 1968, the former having just been drafted while the latter ranked the sneakers. The pivot will obviously be the champion team in 1978 under the orders of GM Ferry and it is also the latter who will appoint him at the head of the team in 1988. Like a symbol, the architect of DC thus disappears. year in which the son also arrives in the starry franchise. We imagine that the new coach of the Wizards would have been well without such a scenario for his entry into office …

Bob Ferry passed away yesterday and fans in Baltimore and Washington are mourning the man who wrote the greatest pages in team history. No doubt his legacy will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Text source: ESPN

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