“Baluchon: A 4-Meter Boat and Its Navigator’s World Tour – A Journey of a Lifetime”

2023-04-29 22:55:59

The navigator Yann Quenet, who had stopped on the Caillou in 2020 during his world tour on a 4-meter boat, has just presented the film of his trip in Reunion.

You may remember Yann Quenet and his “bundle”, the name of the 4-meter boat on which he embarked on a world tour. In 2020, he stopped for a few months in Caledonia before hitting the road again. A road now complete and which gave rise to a film, presented on Saturday April 30 as a preview.

Baluchon, 4 meters around the world” is a 46-minute production, as sober as its hero. It was in La Réunion, where the cinematic adventure began, that the preview was screened, on the occasion of the film festival of adventure.

We met Yann when he arrived from Nouméa after 77 days at sea non-stop. We were flabbergasted by this feat and we really hit it off. As the discussions progressed, he was offered to make a film“, explains Romain Latournerie, one of the authors of the work.

By building the boat with his own hands in his barn, Yann Quenet was able to fulfill his childhood dream of going around the world. Something to put stars in the eyes of young and old alike. However, Yann Quenet did not believe for a single second that his adventure would arouse interest.

In the port where I was, people took me a bit for a huluberlu. No one would have imagined, myself included, that this would arouse interest. It’s the opposite of what people want now: big boats, full of equipment. I was not at all fashionable“, smiled the navigator.

Yann Quenet finally lets the directors install a camera in his Baluchon. For several months, he films his daily life, shares his joys and his doubts. The result is like the man.

It’s above all an encounter with a personality, someone who was a great loner before leaving and who finally got closer to people trying to escape them.“, emphasizes Romain Latournerie.

I will travel around the world until I am thirsty. This is the domain for which I am made“, concludes Yann Quenet, transformed by his journey. Baluchon 2 is already under construction. It will be a “palace” 5 meters long, which this time will allow the navigator to face the ice of the Arctic. Departure planned for 2024.

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