Bañado Tacumbú: actions for waste management and recovery of the Yrupé lagoon are advancing

Asunción, IP Agency.- The solid waste management plan for the Nuevo Barrio Bañado Tacumbú, within the framework of the Rehabilitation and Housing Program promoted by the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, was the central topic of the first meeting of the inter-institutional working group.

The objective is to advance in the design of the plan and in the alternatives for the sanitation of the Yrupé lagoon in the Nuevo Barrio Bañado Tacumbú.

The session is part of the green infrastructure and resilience component of the program that was discussed in the offices of the General Directorate of Environmental Management (DGGA) of the Municipality of Asunción.

Within the two axes that were the focus of the exchanges and joint reviews, the alternatives proposed by the experts for waste management in the upper basin of the Paraguarí stream and the sanitation of the Yrupé lagoon were discussed.

Added to this is the presentation of the draft progress document of the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan for the new neighborhood, which contemplates coverage of the collection service, a recycling and recovery center, among other measures.

Green infrastructure and environmental resilience

The Rehabilitation and Housing Program of the Bañado Sur de Asunción – Barrio Tacumbú (PRVBT) of the MOPC, includes a series of programs that aim to ensure environmental resilience, through the implementation of green infrastructure and mitigation actions, to address the adverse effects of climate change, aggravating for the neighborhood.

It includes the Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Program, which seeks to maintain a clean and healthy environment based on appropriate and sustainable long-term management practices, such as separation at the source, recycling and reuse, in addition to final disposal through a collection system.

Recovery of degraded ecosystems

The recovery of degraded ecosystems such as the Yrupé lagoon and its associated basins is proposed to achieve the proposed objectives. This will contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem services provided by nature and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the technical, environmental and social teams of the Municipality, the Rehabilitation and Housing Program of the Bañado Sur de Asunción – Barrio Tacumbú (PRVBT) of the MOPC, in addition to the consulting firms IATASA and IATASA – CIA, the Ministry reported. of Public Works and Communications.

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2024-04-24 22:53:37

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